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We are proud to print the opinions of our visitors on the critical issue of same sex NIP tuals for the furry, feathered and slithery among us. 

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Bride, Raizel, and groom, Travis  tie the knot as Dogmaid of Honor
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FUPPPS receives award for support of preventing unwanted pregnancies from Planned Puphood of America

Dear FUPPPSters--

We at Planned Puphood are very impressed with the level of commitment FUPPPS members have shown to increasing recognition of the rights of all species to same sex NIPtuals. 

We would also like to call to your visitors' attention the importance of birth control among our brethren.  It is clear that same-gendered relationships will automatically help control the problem we all face, that is, combating the drastic policies enacted by so many unsympathetic humans who happen to cohabit with us. 

Surely your organization needs to be recognized for its editorial stands on the issue of helping prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as gay rights.

As you would say, nip, nip hoorah! This time for FUPPPS!!

Myron Peacock
President, Planned Puphood of America
Sheboygan Chapter, Sheboygan, IL  

FUPPPS pups embrace in celebration of joys of sex

Dear FUPPPS Folk --  

What's this I hear about same sex?   Doesn't same sex lead to boring sex? I say buy an instructional manual, interview the makers of "Cheerleaders On Call," consult a Ouija board - anything to keep it interesting.

Respectfully, JL, Brooklyn, NY



Toast to support of gay <dfn>NI<span style=

Dear FUPPPS Folk --  

I read with great interest your recent columns on same sex marriage for pets and wild things that go bump in the night.  And I agree completely with the stand FUPPPS is taking.

However, upon further thought, a question has been nipping away at me.  What happens when the inevitable divorces start happening?  Will FUPPPS be there to help?  Will there be a muttrimonial counselor referral service?  And how about legal counsel?

I look forward to your reply.

Harold Baker, father of two female neutered cats. Ethel and Sarah Beth, who plan to be wed in a lovely June ceremony, Yonkers, NY





I am so glad someone is FINALLY taking a stand on this same sex stuff.  Ferchrissakes, the government has a lot of work to do of an IMPORTANT nature like whirled peas, saving the males and grope insurance for the un-groped.  I say:  KEEP THE US GOVERNMENT OUT OF SEX and into peas!

Your Al Eye in Monterey,
Elaine Giampietro, and Yoda



Dear FUPPPS --

I agree completely with the stand FUPPPS is taking.  I convened my two male neutered cats in the living room last night, and asked how they would feel if they had the benefit of clergy.  Manic was very moved, almost to tears, and wants desperately to have the freedom to hold his dear companion, Sylvester, in his paws without fear of being mocked by others.  Sylvester, who I am afraid is not terribly bright, just yawned and took a bath.  But he certainly expressed no negativity.

We have all signed the pet-ition and are urging everyone on our floor to jump in with as many feet as they bring to the table, or floor.

With warm regards,
MB, New York City


Hey, yo --

I have been reading all this stuff about same sex marriage for us dogs and cats, birds and such on your site.  And I have to say, I am appalled.  Marriage requires partners who are male and female, one of each.  It says so right in Lassie's Commandments. 

What about protecting the rights of opposite sex canine and feline couples to NIPtuals?  Huh?

Disgustedly yours,

Henry P. Jackson, A. Cocker Advisory Board,           
Phoenix, AZ


Greetings, FUPPPS Folk --

I read with some alarm the letter from Mr. Jackson, of the A. Cocker group in Arizona, regarding his complete disdain for same sex NIPtuals.  With all due respect, Mr. Jackson, have you taken leave of your senses? 

How many dogs have you seen sniffing the nether regions of anything that moves?  What do you think they have in mind, for heavens sake? 

And I disagree heartily with your interpretation of Lassie's commandments.  No offense intended, but I have it on good authority that the old girl was in her cups when she scratched them out.

I happen to be a straight Persian, and I say we all need to keep an open mind and not put restrictions on our brethren.

Sincerely yours,
Martha Ali Shah, St. Louis, MO 


To:  FUPPPS Editorial Board

I just read the letter to the editor from Henry P. Jackson, and I feel I have to bite back.  Mr. Jackson seems to represent a member of the Far Right, and as such, I feel his views need to be seen as not quite all horse feathers, but pretty close.

Now, I'm not a homophobe or anything.  As far as I'm concerned, gay pups and fillies can do whatever they want.  But, what about us?  The ones who are straight? 

You were darned right when you mentioned it would be romantic to see a dog slip a ring on his partner's paw!  But let's, please, add to that stand.  Tell the politicians that all of us, dogs, cats, sturgeons, llamas -- everyone -- has the right to marriage, period!  Regardless of gender or species.

Thank you for reading my rant,                                   
Heather Goodsmith, Founding Partner
Pussycats United, Dayton, OH

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