Speak out for gay marriage for pets with FUPPPS


straight dogs support rights of gays to marry

NIP tuals shown courtesy of four and two-legged participants,* and photographer Craig Copeland

*The groom, Mr. Travis, and his bride, Raizel Dazzel deVine, just after they exchanged NIPtual vows. For more muttrimonial de-tails on the participants and their humans, click the button below:

NIPtual Photos


Check out what others have to say on this most vital issue of our time:

Our political leaders must speak out to guarantee the inalienable right of pooches and kitties to wed the doggie or pussycat they love, regardless of gender!

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San Francisco pet owner mourns loss of gay cats to Canada








Spokesfish joins Federation of Unacknowledged Partnerships among Pooches, Pussycats and Sturgeons march on Washington









Horace and Marmelade speak out for gay marriage among pets














Bulldog joins million pet march for FUPPPS







Peoria, Kansas ladies join in support of FUPPPS








Charlie Rose interviews Kangaroo on topic of gay marriage for pets











Federation of Unacknowledged Partnerships among Pooches Pussycats and Sturgeons gains support in Britain







Raccoons join Federation of Unacknowledged Partnerships among Pooches Pussycats and Sturgeons









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