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Gay Pussycats Celebrate NIPtual Bliss

Van Nuys, CA, February 12, 2005:  Here at FUPPPS headquarters, we have been wrestling with many issues.  Did we press too hard pre-election 2004?  Did we hurt our case for same sex NIPtuals for our furry, feathered and slithery friends?  Were we duped?  The newly refurbished right wing power is daunting indeed.


However, while big issues following last year's elections have practically stalled us into entropy, we are delighted to report WE ARE BAACCKKK! Pussycats united in pawlock here in Van Nuys in April of last year have clawed at our bedcovers and roused us again.  And we are elated to find that they still feel not only madly, blindly in love, but that the old urges to cat around have completely subsided.  NIPtual bliss has replaced the old need to chase tail.


"I am so happy to curl up every morning with my little Fifi," Paulette, a gorgeous rusty Persian purred to our reporter, John deLittle, this morning at 4:00 a.m.  DeLittle, who confessed to being not a little unenthusiastic, given the hour, finally made himself some coffee, sat down at the computer and e-mailed the story to us.

* * *

Fifi and Paulette deLittle, a gay cat couple who were wed April 23rd of 2004 at a little ceremony in the backyard of the deLittle home in Sherman Oaks, California, report that being married at last is all they could have hoped for, and more.  "I never have to wonder who will sit on the fence with me at night now," said Fifi, a beautiful cream colored shorthair with tan boots and tail.  "And I," added Paulette, am only too happy to escort my little bonbon to the party.  Before this, we would often go our separate ways, and I never knew when I would see my little chouchou again.  I must say, it is so much more fun living this way.  She knows just where I like my back scratched, just when I want to pounce on mice, which side of the litter box is mine."


The contentment usually brings an added benefit to this reporter.  The cats are so much more relaxed now that they have declared their love publicly that they let me sleep in 'til 6 most mornings.  Today, an exception, came about because, "We just couldn't keep it to ourselves anymore.  We wanted you to tell our story to the world, so more cats out there will know how much better it is to get NIPtualed," both felines mewed.


As a relatively impartial bystander, this reporter can attest to the fact that there are added benefits to the humans involved.  We'd purchased a new sofa for the nuptials, and in complete contrast with its predecessor, which the two little demons ripped to shreds in less than a month, this one still has all its stuffing. 


Approved by the FUPPPS Editorial Board



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