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Van Nuys, CA, March 19, 2004:  Exciting reports just in from NASA. Cats at the edge of the universe!  And not only that, there is evidence that there was no reservation back then about marrying others of the same sexual bent.  Two obviously male cats were observed fondling each other in an old video that came through; there was also a scene of a tall cat in carmine robes reading from a book as the couple exchanged nose rubs.


We are completely dismayed to think that the powers that be in Washington want to kill the amazing Hubble telescope.  Especially now. It has been said by scientists that the Hubble requires a little over 1% of NASA's budget, but is returning 30% of its information. 


And now that we've found glimpses of the edge of the universe, how could anyone think to hobble the Hubble?  Tell those in Washington that you think they've lost perspective on what's important.  Scroll down to the comment box, and be sure to write Hubble at the top.  We need to keep the Hubble in tiptop shape.  It should be listed as the eighth wonder of the world -- even though it's now out of this world -- and all efforts should be made to keep it serviced on time.  Just as we all should be.

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