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FUPPPSYLVANIA, October 19, 2004:  Reacting to an article reported in The New York Times today, Maxwell Fife, a Boxer, barked out, "Heaven forfend!"


The article that got Fife's ruff up reported on the fact that the Anglican Communion, an international body representing the second largest church group in the world, with 77 million members in 164 countries, has issued a rebuke to the Episcopal Church USA for supporting an openly gay priest and same sex unions in New Hampshire.  "What is wrong with the Church, anyhow?"  the indignant Fife sputtered.  "Who are they to deny same sex pleasures and rights to any and all?"


"Y'er right, mate," Fife's chums around the bar at the Snug Pub agreed. "Since when is it OK for the head of a church to cut off what the good Lord knows is just human and canine nature?  Not since 'Enery burned down the Abbey have the blokes in charge got it so wrong. Though of course in that case it was the King and not the Church wot got it bolixed."


Much foaming at the mouth ensued around the bar as the regulars fussed and fumed over the news and their pints.  "Maybe we should get a pack together and storm the 'eadquarters in London,"  Reggie Muttonian suggested to Fife. 


With the tolerant folk of FUPPPSYLVANIA behind it, such a movement could take root.  Stay tuned.  We'll keep you informed.  For now, send your letter of support for same sex NIPtuals to us today! 


Lord bless!



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